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Title: A diet for perfect health?
Post by: Time_Curator_23 on November 27, 2015, 12:26:13 AM
The older I get, the more I realize grandmother was right: I am what I eat.

Strength is superior to weakness, beauty is superior to ugliness, intelligence is superior to stupidity, and sanity is superior to insanity.

And health? I say, it enables the superior to win -- usually.

But what exactly is a healthy diet?

Choking down chicken breasts to reach protein equal to your body weight?

Pretending to like Becky's kale and blueberry salad as much as she does(n't)?

Having "disciprine" until reality takes over and you inhale five bags of Doritos?

Being trendy and going low- or no-carb until the inevitable doh!nut cravings begin?

In our confused age, many claim there simply is no such thing as a universally healthy diet.

They are correct in that obviously biology is not absolute.

Nature changes. Mutations occur. Species evolve.

Even more, upbringing, lifestyle, and technology alters things (though not nearly as often in a positive way liberals dream they do).

To add yet more complication to the chaos, certain populations and individuals have chronic diseases that call for differences in diet.

Yet all this does not contradict the fact that for the vast majority of would-be healthy homo sapiens at this point in time, there actually is a universally healthy diet.

And one Aspie couple seems to have finally found it:

If your health is not as perfect as you would like for it to be, then I highly recommend reading their blog, listening to their talks, and purchasing their book.

If, on the other hand, your health is already great, then share your findings and insights with the rest of us in this thread.

Let us become perfectly healthy -- so that we may perfectly crush the herd.

Title: Re: A diet for perfect health?
Post by: crow on November 18, 2016, 04:50:06 PM
The perfect diet for perfect health is no diet at all.

I've starved many times, stopping short of actual death. After a bit of initial pain, the body adjusts, and seems not to need to eat.
In spite of being disconcertingly lightweight, one feels amazingly good. Clear and calm.
Eat when you must, and eat what is available. In a state of newly-fasted cleanliness, your body will make it clearly apparent what is food, and what is poison.

Title: Re: A diet for perfect health?
Post by: vir on February 18, 2017, 02:15:24 AM
I like the anti-cognitive approach on this one: the best diet is stuff that feeds you well. Piling rules on top of this is just neurosis. Eat what your ancestors ate, walk five miles a day and do ten pushups, and you are probably going to be just fine.