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You recently toured Europe. How did that go for you? I believe that you stated there were some countries that you would certainly not go back to and you were even banned from playing Switzerland. What happened here?
Besides England, Paris, Spain, Belgium and Austria, the crowds were pretty docile and weak. Holland had it moments thanks to my friends in Fluisterwoud, Antaeus and Bael whom showed up for this gig. Switzerland doesn’t like me because I freely use offensive words like “African-American” in regards to the disgusting double standards and politically correct nonsense that has spread through the world black metal scene. This is a scene that encourages violence and hatred, but if you say something against anyone besides Christians it sends a lot of people into crying fits. There was one person who wrote me saying he didn’t approve of my life “affirmation” on the Satanic Warmaster split in which I, I felt very blatantly, criticised both the life loving movements and the politically correct movements, but I guess these people are too fucking involved in down syndrome to notice IRONY. Well fuck them, I don’t want the support of people who cannot read the entire idea, but rather pick at “dangerous” words. When the fuck did this stupid concern for hurting people’s feelings become an issue in black metal? I don’t remember anyone caring when Mike Ford used to attack Jews in Black Funeral interviews, nor Emperor’s use of Swastikas in their flyers. It’s become such a separated scene now that people are PASSIFIED to the point of Christian tolerance to the human virus that spreads through EVERY country. ALL PEOPLE ARE SHIT, so don’t cry if I single out a group of shitty people by using words that might scare “true Satanists” etc. As for Switzerland, we got banned from the country for using “African-American” on this 7 inch, which as I stated before, was anti political correctness, NOT PRO FACIST. But the stupid slut who organized this gig didn’t find it appropriate and thus we were forced to cancel. I’ve since gotten a lot of support from Swiss comrades who agree with my words and wish they would have gotten their tickets refunded. Fuck whatever dumb cunt decided to end the Krieg gig. As for other countries whom witnessed the gigs, it seemed the majority were more interested in social agendas or gigs with has been fakes whom in the early 1980’s used Satanism as a gimmick. This shows me that true “devotion” might not exist where I once felt it. That is all I have to say to this question, but I do thank my comrades who travelled far to see us perform, they made this entirely worth it.

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Reminds me of Andy Eldritch and the whole Goth movement. I watched Goth just fucking rot from the inside out. We went from Anne Rice and Sex and Rockets at our most mainstream to Stephanie Meyer and Fallout Boy/My Chemical Romance ( I kind of like a little MCR here and there).

This also hits close to home because of the Satanism nonsense. I pretty much knew after reading LaVey that none of the wanks left in charge were going to live up to, much less improve upon his standards. As I got older, I even began to poke holes in LaVey's damn near proto-NRx views. Once I realized the COS was all for abortion and all of the cool members were leaving in droves, some even demolishing their old businesses, I knew. It was well after I already moved on though. I just could not blame every little thing on Christianity anymore. Nor could I tell myself that "meritocracy" was anything other than egalitarianism for people who constantly railed against egalitarianism.