Author Topic: A Pirate Reviews GL Pease' "Robusto"  (Read 1027 times)

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A Pirate Reviews GL Pease' "Robusto"
« on: July 19, 2016, 07:45:29 AM »
Avast, ye swabs, and listen up - I'll tell of hidden treasure:
'Baccy made for pirates bold who live for virile pleasure --                 
Flavor fit for hairy chests, and in uncommon measure!

Smooth around the edges, but it packs a mighty wallop --
Just the thing for idle hours, lounging with a trollop;
Blowing lazy smoke rings while she pours another dollop.

Gold and silver fash the horde that's seeking to amass them.
Bah!  They're only good to spend on joys when cares harass them.
Strumpets, rum and 'baccy -- do earthly joys surpass them ?   

Rums of every sort there are for those as do require them,
And harlots wait in ev'ry port for idle men to hire them.
But pipe tobacco's passing rare so good as to inspire them.

"Cherry" this and "Maple" that -- it fires my indignation !
Thinking of the weed they waste provokes the consternation
Of us sea dogs puffing on our pipes in pure frustration.   

Smoking time's a noble thing -- too precious far to waste it   
Fuming in frustration 'cause your pipe's too weak to taste it.   
Sharpers all who make such stuff that sells because they've cased it !         

For fifty cents I'd blast their ships until the buggers sank.
Sell their crews to slavers.  Make their captains walk the plank.
Bastard shysters all of them -- they'd have themselves to thank.   

Far too long we've had their wimpweed as our daily ration,               
Whetting hunger for tobacco of a nobler fashion --
'Baccy with cojones, and a hearty streak of passion.

So sailor man, wherever, be ye "Captain Hook" or "Cousteau,"
Chart your course for manly fare -- to pipeweed made for gusto --
Hie ye to a pipe shop and go home with Pease Robusto !


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Re: A Pirate Reviews GL Pease' "Robusto"
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 12:01:21 PM »
"Cherry" this and "Maple" that -- it fires my indignation !

Indeed, as well as anything flavored with "Nougat."