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Ode to Embarcadero
« on: July 20, 2016, 09:54:40 PM »
Is there a nobler weed on earth
Than Pease Embarcadero ?
Fairy stuff from Rivendell
Perhaps that, like "Bolero,"
Mesmerises with a spell
Both subtle and entrancing --
Wiping worldly woes away
And setting spirits dancing.

Noble Red Virginia with
His arm around his love,
Coy Izmir, who snuggles near, and
Fits him like a glove. 
Rare it is when two are one --
It passes comprehension.
Rarer this -- a pipeweed bliss
Where art transcends invention !

Only fair Sheherezade
Suffices for example
Charming sultans with a smile
That shows the merest sample
Of delights that wait in store,
Diaph'nously arrayed,
'til love-locked, irresistably,
Are the master and the maid.

Let this hurley-burley world
Go chasing its illusions
Never satisfied until
It's multiplied confusions.
Leave me here in reverie
With my Embarcadero
Thoroughly contented -- yea,
Enraptured to the marrow!